Lisa Bade - Regent College Show

The work on this page was in a show at Regent College, The Lookout Gallery, 5800 University Blvd. Vancouver B.C. February 12 - March 8, 2003.

Artists' Statement

[Conversations I]

"Conversations with Strangers I"

[Conversations II]

"Conversations with Strangers II"

[Conversations III]

with Strangers III"

[... and again]

"... and again"

[Dark Guitar]

"Dark Guitar"

[Outer Banks December]

"Outer Banks December"

[Coming Storm]

"Coming Storm"

[Swimming Up Stream]

"Swimming Up Stream"

[Falling Floating Flying]

"Falling Floating Flying"

[The Wind of Your Passing]

"The Wind of Your Passing"

Sandra Zeiset Richardson