Sandra Zeiset Richardson - Artwork

Teapots Vessels Sculpture Tiles

The majority of my work is in clay, my first love and the medium in which I feel most at home. I have worked in clay since I graduated from the University of Washington in 1985 where I was privileged to study with instructors Bob Sperry, Patti Warashina, and Howard Koettler.

My three-dimensional clay work is hand-built with coils of low-fire white clay which are then smoothed. The surface is carved, and glazed with low-fire underglazes and fired. Black underglaze is rubbed into the fired surface to accentuate the carving and incidental lines. A matte glaze is applied and the piece is refired. Additional underglazes are occasionally added at this point and the firing process repeated.

I move back and forth in my work between tiles, vessels, and sculptures. What they have in common is the human figure or portrait and line: drawing - which is actually a carved line which is well-suited to the clay surface. It is in the process of drawing and carving on the surface that the piece comes together.

Other Work
[Bowl of Tears] [Etching #1]
Seattle University Commission Steel Panels Steel Garden Sculptures Prints