Sandra Zeiset Richardson - Teapots

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[The Dancer] [Fear of Drowning] [The Pruning]
[Storm] [The Strong Woman] [Tea for Two]
[Venus Revisited]

I made my first teapot in 1974 in a high school ceramics class. A camel. My mother still has it. Somewhere. My current teapots are experiments; finding ways to make the many components of a teapot (spout, lid, handle, foot, body) work together in a conceptual and sculptural way. In a number of my teapots I worked with the same body shape and varied it with the other components.

Alas, utilitarian function has always been a secondary consideration for me. One could, if one chose to do so, serve tea from my teapots. It would not be easy perhaps and, it is doubtful one could pour the last drop, but it is possible.

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